The complete solution for wealth managers.

How does KeyPM work?

The advantages


The logical structure of the menus, the uniformity of the acquisition templates and the presence of operational help for entering structured data make KeyPM extremely intuitive.


Compliance with standards

KeyPM is designed and updated in accordance with the entry into force of the new LSerFi regulation 15.06.18.


Reliability of installation

The interface functions of KeyPM together with the skills of Korutoa professionals guarantee success in the startup phase.


Easy integration

KeyPM consents integration with financial information providers (such as SIX Financial Information) and real-time acquisition of the data provided, useful for market analysis.



KeyPM protected and guaranteed thanks to specificuser profiles created for each individual user.


Synchronization of portfolios

The acquisition of the daily data flows provided by banking institutions and the portfolio reconciliation managed by KeyPM allow for perfect synchronization with client holdings.


Better control

KeyPM allows you to monitor, in real time, compliance of the client mandate comprising trading limits and compliance with the model portfolios indicated in the mandate of the managed client.


Global vision

Thanks to the data collection and synchronization of customer portfolios in a single database, it is possible to carry out consolidated analyzes, market order distribution and consolidated valuations.


Data transfer

KeyPM allows for a simple and secure transfer of pre-existing data of client portfolios managed prior to its adoption.


Controlled access

An efficient system of authorizations and rights allows you to control access toeach individual function.


Thecomplete solution for money managers
KeyPM +


It is a modular software platform for providers of asset management services. Thanks to its easy-to-use interface, it is the ideal solution for optimizing the analysis, planning, execution and evaluation of investments in the Private Banking sector.


It is the modular solution (also listed individually) that allows access to bank data flows by interfacing and rendering the data compatible with the system.

Modules and functions

Customer database

It is the central register for managing data relating to the customer and the irrespective relationships: bank accounts and portfolios under management. The procedure for opening a portfolio consists of inputting the data relating to the client's portfolio management and operational profile in the registry.


KeyPM interfaces with the various custodian banks for the automatic import of positions, transactions, and valuations. It also has interfaces for obtaining security data, prices, and forex values from various financial data providers.

Back Office

KeyPM administers securities via a financial security database. It allows for the input of single or multiple orders, both manual and automatic, even for clients of different institutions. It also allows for the uploading, checking, and updating, of prices and exchange rates.

Wealth management

KeyPm’s module for defining the parameters for automatic creation and assignment of user defined model portfolios. It allows for the creation of samples, scenarios and simulations and the management of the model portfolio and the activities that permit the generation of portfolio instructions.

Portfolio consultation

KeyPM allows for a global view of client positions with portfolio details, asset valuation, account statements and performance analysis. It allows you to consolidate positions by custodian bank or by user-defined customer groups.

Risk management & compliance

It is the function that allows automatisms in compliance with anti-money laundering regulations, account transaction control, transaction amount control, and on transactions to and from countries of risk.


The levels of detail of the reports are diversified to meet any type of request. Our unique one-page report, designed for internal use, is highly appreciated by our users as it illustrates the client portfolio on one page permitting a quick, comprehensive view of the client’s investments.