Middle services and Back Office

The services we offer
  • Daily reconciliation with custodian banks
  • Portfolio monitoring (Risk Management)
  • Corporate event management of securities in portfolio
  • Management Fee and Performance Fee invoice management
  • Introducer Fee management
  • Reconciliation of shares with investment counterparties
  • Processing and invoicing of retrocessions for investment counterparties

Risk management and compliance services

The services we offer together with our partners
  • Assistance and advice on the applicable legislation
  • Continuous assistance in carrying out customer acceptance and monitoring activities
  • Assistance in monitoring transactions
  • Proposals for the adoption of measures and provisions in the event of ascertainment of violations of the AML / CFT regulations
  • Compliance risk assessment related to the Company's activities
  • Update on significant changes in legislation and regulations
  • Drafting of periodic reports on compliance risks
  • Courses on Regulations for company employees
  • Monitoring and advice on the market rules of conduct