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The technology partner that speaks your language.

For more than 20 years we have interfaced banks and financial advisors by creating portfolio management software applications primarily for the banking and financial fiduciary sector.

Korutoa was founded in Lugano as a spin-off of the information technology unit of an important Swiss banking group and has, through its human resources and technical prowess, know-how gained from over twenty years of experience in the design, development and management of financial applications. Korutoa guarantees product quality through the implementation of methodologies applied to the software development cycle.

Together with our qualified partners, Korutoa provides services addressing information systems, designing and implementing network infrastructures and paying particular attention to aspects relating to the security of managed company data, proposing innovative solutions for safeguarding confidentiality.

The experience, specialization and professionalism consolidated in the support of banking institutions are the competitive advantages of Korutoa to ensure speed of implementation, quality of the outcome, and customer satisfaction.

Why Korutoa

The origins of the project

In 2010, Korutoa's team understood that to make their wealth management application effective, it needed to provide the ability to synchronize portfolios in the local database with their respective portfolios at banking institutions.Through a meticulous and timely analysis, overcoming even some reluctance of banks to release sensitive data in electronic form, it was possible to"translate" the financial data provided by the banks into a single language. The achievement of this objective has allowed us to offer the portfolio manager a single "synchronized daily" platform where they can manage, monitor, and consolidate their customers' portfolios thereby, centralizing the management of portfolios across multiple banking platforms.

Since then, Korutoa has become the trusted technology partner of the banking and wealth management space.