Arbasys is the management information system used by an important Swiss bank to manage the estates of customers and all-related banking operations. Strengthened by more than twenty years of experience, Korutoa professionals put at the banks’ disposal a decision-making system for production and control that is useful for carrying out banking activities. Arbasys covers all front, middle and back office functions, providing tools for the portfolio management department for the trading desk and for CRM’s.



A reliable structure

Arbasys operates in all areas of the Bank allowing interaction between all (of its) sectors, applying the STP model for core business processes. This complete integration allows for real-time portfolio valuation. In addition it allows you to save money on investments for hardware and interface software by working with modules developed separately.

Modules list

Document library, checkout, back-office, middle-office, front-office, Portfolio Management, compliance, risk management, CRM.

Software customisation and continual development

Thanks to its flexibility, Arbasys can be internally personalised to operate in diverse situations and satisfy every type of demand. The software continually evolves to meet the increasing requests of financial markets or merchants as well as the constant changes in regulations. The portability of Arbasys (the system’s capacity to be easily transferred) and the competences of Korutoa's professionals guarantee integration with basically all other existing systems.

Interface with external financial providers

The interface swift is used to manage payments, changes and financial deposits (Alliance). An interface is also available with external financial providers for recuperating master data, prices and changes (Bloomberg, Telekurs). Finally, there is interface with corresponding banks for account reconciliation and another for statistics and control with the BNS (Fimis, Fire, FiTax-EU, FiTax-QI, FiTax-Recon).

Conformity with standards

Arbasys is designed and constantly updated to conform to national and international standards regarding anti-laundering regulation (LRD), federal data-protection laws (LPD) and compliance with the Circolare 2009/1, "four-fold (square) regulation for assets management.".

Security and data protection

Data is protected through user access rights, which conform to your organisational structure. Moreover, Arbasys allows you to monitor, in real time, both whether the operative contractual limits are being respected and if operations are being conducted according to the client’s.

User friendly

The logical structure of the menus that identify the various operative areas, the uniformity of the template data entry forms and the presence of help windows when introducing structured information render Arbasys intuitive and easy to use by reducing the time needed to learn the program.

Flexible localisation

Arbasys is currently used by banks in several countries thanks to its structural characteristics, which allow the software parameters to be easily adjusted.

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