Master data of clients

The central registry for recording and managing all client and client-relationship information, such as bank accounts or portfolios being managed.. The opening phase when creating a new portfolio consists in collecting all the information relating to the work and management profile of the client.

Portfolio Management

This defines parameters for the automation of portfolio composition and allocation models. Furthermore, it creates sample portfolios, scenarios and simulation models and manages model portfolios using all of the activities required to generate portfolios. It also offers a matrix of control for deviations/ variances, rebalancing, and investment reports an automatic generation of multiple orders, both of which are in line with the client’s agreed strategies.

Back Office

Administration of securities. Accounting for both single and multiple orders, manual or automatic also for customers with different counterparties. Loading, monitoring and updating of prices and exchange rates.

Portfolio consultation

Overview of the client’s financial position with portfolio detail, asset valuation, extracts of account and performance analysis. It is also possible to manage funds for custodian banks bank deposits or for groups of clients.


KeyPM provides feedback regarding the respect of anti-laundering legislation, checks up on bank account movements and verifies both the import of transactions and any action taken involving risk countries.

Account reconciliation

A very important feature of KeyPM is to acquire the daily positions and transactions in elettronic format provided by banks in order to facilitate the activities of reconciliations.


Diversifications of the amount of details given to orders to best satisfy all demands, whether internal to the firm or on the client’s behalf.

Portfolio administration
• Operations managementof the clients/ operators
• Compliance assurance (monitoring)
• Management fee
• Calculation of relegation
• Generation of bank account statements and transaction reports
• Taxation
• Signalling of normative issues
• Complete management of securities database, integration with an information provider
• Register of trades
• Master data of clients and accounts
• Transaction processing
Portfolio management
• Exposure analysis,multi-level cash flow projections
• Construction of model portfolios recursively composed of asset classes and securities until a clear set of security guidelines have been defined
• Definition of investment strategies
• Hedging strategies using listed derivatives and OTC contracts
• Simulation of buy/sell orders, specified directly or according to targets
• Complete or partial portfolio realignment
• Compliance - regulatory, contractual and other types of investment rules and constraints
• Order transmission, order allocations
• Reports for relationship managers, portfolio managers, clients and compliance
• Performance indicators
• Portfolio turnover indicators

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