Functional architecture

KeyPM is the software capable of adapting perfectly to the business processes of wealth management. Its functional architecture allows the manager/ operator to control all of the information relating to client relations, concentrating (the most important features) on principal business activities.

User Friendly

The logical structure of the menus that identify the various operative areas, the uniformity in the acquisition process and the presence of operational help when introducing structured information make it intuitive and easy to use by reducing the time taken to understand and work the program.

Conformity with standards

KeyPM is designed and constantly updated to conform to national and international standards regarding anti-laundering regulation (LRD), federal data-protection laws (LPD) and compliance with the Circolare 2009/1, regulation for wealth, asset and portfolio management.'.

Installation and evolution of software

KeyPM’s interfacing features alongside the competencies of Korutoa’s professionals guarantee success in the start-up phase, allowing you to transfer existing data and maintaing the existing customer situation until this activity has been completed. Moreover, KeyPM’s modules (are constantly updated according to changes in regulations and customer customisations to ensure the complete satisfaction of business needs.

External interface provider

The system integrates with sources of financial information, for example Telekurs, and offers scope for obtaining such information in real time and using it for market analysis as well as automatic updating of the master data of financial instruments.


With KeyPM, it is possible to keep constant track of an order throughout its lifecycle – from its start as an investment idea to its execution. Moreover, the software offers tools for the creation of model portfolios allowing the client proposing the rebalancing to monitor the alignment of the portfolio with the strategy chosen by the client and also proposes rebalancing orders. Particular attention is given to ensuring, in real-time, that the operational limits agreed in the contract are respected.


KeyPM uses a detailed and complete reporting system, as a support both for client relations and internal processes in the company.

Security and privacy services

KeyPM protects and ensures access to the system by the creation of a user profile unique to each individual user. In addition, its efficient access control system allows you to control access to every feature with great precision.